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About us

Anastasia Makarkina  — founder and ideologist of Varvara brand.

«In the style of a modern woman, combining different images, there must be Russian accents. In them, the philosophy of unique prints— the main motive of the brand Varvara. 
And yet  our brand has a special format — ready-to-go — almost any thing Varvara can be bought without fitting. Clothing is tailored in a way that is universally suitable for almost everyone without exception.
I believe that our customers are special, that's why Varvara things are for those who like to stand out and emphasize their individuality».

The mysterious and enchantingly sonorous name of VARVARA became the name of a brand of clothes and accessories with a Russian accent, invented by Anastasia Makarkina in 2013. Every thing in the collections of VARVARA tells its story.

Winter is the time for wool accessories that are pleasant to the body, rich patterns and expensive furs. Mittens, hats, couplings and swiss shots became the trademark of the brand. They can tell about the traditional in Russia winter skiing and fun games, about Russian warmth and hospitality, as well as about the provocative national character ... The collection mostly used natural materials. All these things will long store the warmth of memories and the atmosphere of the place where they were created with love.

Summer is the time of wild flowers and fresh winds, bright exclusive prints and light natural fabrics. Inspired by bright poppies, bunches of mountain ash, celestial cornflowers, tender peonies and bright yellow rape, the collection "Botany" was created. Svitshoty, dresses, sarafans and suits of "Botany" painted with floral prints of famous artists especially for the brand VARVARA.

In our opinion, VARVARA declares a very modern, and at the same time subtly sensitive image of the Russian soul. If this is you, and you are still looking for something bright, and at the same time very gently beautiful, then the philosophy of the brand VARVARA - for you an indispensable must have this season.